How to choose the best espresso machines for your hotel

When planning hotel business, take into account all details. One of the main things to take into account is meals and drinks. This is really essential element of each hotel. That’s why when planning the organization of your hotel, don’t forget to think about all the necessary things for your tourists.

So, here is a brief description of the most widespread espresso coffee machines:

1. Manual espresso maker

These coffee machines are great for those who don’t mind adding some work into their espresso. That additional work can induce though, for the reason that manual espresso machines allow you to be in command of each part of the process of making a cup of espresso in order that you can potentially finish up with the ideal shot.

The main benefits of manual espresso machines are:
• This type of espresso machine brews first-class and outstanding tasting espresso.
• You have more power over the process.
• These espresso machines have a status for lasting a long period of time.

2. Super automatic espresso machine

As the name offers, super automatic espresso makers take easiness of use to the extreme. The thing is to make the procedure of making a shot of espresso as simple as adding your coffee grounds and pushing a button. If your clients drink a lot of espresso all through the day, this may be the best for you.

The main benefits of super automatic espresso machine are:
• The easiest type of espresso machines to apply.
• Have large numbers of particular features on hand, for example fixed grinders and programmable settings.
• In actual fact an “All-in-One” system with lots of particular features built-in.

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