How to choose a hotel in Costa Rica

One of the smallest countries in Central America - Costa Rica is located on a narrow bridge connecting North and South America, but do not be confused by its tiny size, as the country provides lots of interesting things! First of all, it is the country-reservation, protected areas cover more than 25% of its territory, so it offers the tourists unique flora and fauna, mountain rivers, evergreen forests and geysers (the most powerful geyser in the world - Poas Volcano is located here) and the volcanoes ( there are more than a hundred volcanoes in Costa Rica). Famous underground and underwater caves, which are scattered across the country should also be mentioned.

This wonderful Caribbean country ranked first by the number of reserves per capita. Just imagine, this small country owns 5% of the biological richness of our planet! The largest uninhabited island in the world - the Coconut also belongs to Costa Rica. All the hotels in Costa Rica ensure comfortable accommodation to the guests of the country. So, before booking a hotel – determine the places you want to visit this time as it is impossible to see all the attractions of Costa Rica during a one-week trip. Read about our hotels in Costa Rica.