Hotels of our network in Costa Rica

We offer the clients to use our system for one click hotel room booking in Costa Rica at the best price. Besides, you will find an extensive base of hotels available for booking on our site. Click here to find out our room and hall rates. Moreover, our buyers agents will help you to pick up the best vacation home at reasonable price.

The cost of living in hotels Costa Rica ranges from 50 to 300 USD per room per night. The price depends on the category of the hotel, the quality of services provided and location of the hotel.

How to book a hotel in Costa Rica
To book a hotel room on our site, just choose a city you want to stay, enter the dates of arrival and departure dates and click the search button. Then decide on the room you want to live in: single – for single occupancy, double for double occupancy (with one double bed), twin – for double occupancy (with the two twin beds). As a rule, living conditions in our hotels provide the check-in time at 12.00:14.00 and check-out at 12.00. We recommend you review the terms of booking and its cancellation first.

It is rational to choose a hotel located in the city center in the nears vicinity to main streets, squares and various architectural and historical monuments. When choosing a hotel, we recommend you to pay attention to accommodating in the hotel located in the city center, the airport, and the hotels of cheap economy class.

If you prefer to live in luxurious environment then you should know that all the 5 Star Hotels in Costa Rica have developed infrastructure and are located in the city center. These hotels have fitness centers, free Internet access, satellite TV and daily housekeeping service. Five-star hotels are specially designed for those who appreciate comfort and luxury. 4 stars hotels in Costa Rica have a smaller.

Cheap hotels are classified as 3 stars and offer a standard set of services and budget rooms. Cheap hotels suit well for travelers who prefer to spend most of the time outside the hotel. Hostels offer budget accommodation that is suitable for youth and students.

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