Tourist Booklet

Before you go on a trip to Benin City, you should consider whether your health allows you to travel to this place, as the climate conditions, nutrition proposed in our hotels, special recreation opportunities can be not suitable for you. Before you decide to spend your holiday in Benin City it is necessary to consult with the doctor and take necessary medication for the prevention of infectious diseases. For this you need to undergo a thorough inspection. Special attention should be paid to the physician's recommendations to patients with chronic diseases, pregnant women and those with young children. Before the trip, you should definitely obtain some information in the travel agency that organizes your trip to Benin City about the main rules that you should obey while staying in this city and in this country. Before to set up decide what medications to take with you in order to provide yourself with a first aid kit. It will save you time and help you eliminate the problems of communicating on foreign language.